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    Easy Spring/Summer makeup look

    Hii Dolls spring and summer are officially HERE !!! and what better way to celebrate than with a makeup tutorial. this is our first ever makeup tutorial and its also a collab…

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    Useful ways to use Coconut oil

    Hi Dolls, are you looking for natural products to add to YOUR skin,hair and beauty routine ? here are some useful tips we think might help you out

  • sympathy for the skin, lush, banana seeds, dry skin, remedy, acne, skincare, sass, styleandstilettos

    Ratings with Niina | Sympathy For The Skin Review

    Hiii Dolls so after a long long time I'm finally back with a post for you ladies! It took me a while cause as you all know, I think lol I was on vacation for a whole month…

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    Ocean Salt|Niina Rates ★★★★

    Here I am again with another Lush saga review, I am aware that I went a little cray cray in the Lush store only because those products are not available where I'm from... I kept…

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    Niina Rates | Daisy by Marc Jacobs ( EU SO FRESH)

    hi there ladyloves ! so as you ladies can see by my title I am going to give you all a quick and simple review of a perfume I got as a gift. What I think about it, if I like…

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    SassTalks | Helpful weightloss tips

    I went on my weightloss journey about 4 years ago and have managed to keep the weight off ever since. Here are My simple tips to keep the weight off once lost !!

  • skincare, tips, women, twenties, acne, healthy, acne free

    Hot topic | skincare tips for in your twenties

    I am turning 23 next month and this is starting to bring allot of questions to my mind. Especially regarding my skin and how to take care of it.

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    Weekend getaway

    Beach Life It’s always nice to visit the beaches here on the Island and one of my favourite one here is Playa Kenepa Grandi.

  • The natural Beauty shop opening

    On June 30th we had the Honor of being able to witness on our our fellow YDK’s ( Yu’i di Korsou) Naturals Curacao store opening event.

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    DIY | Wall, Desk Decor

    Today I decided to do something different, a while ago I saw this on youtube and I thought this would be a great idea to do in my summer vacation which is sadly coming to an end…

  • gj

    DIY | Soothing and refreshing Cucomber & Lemon face mist

    One of my and I think a lot of other women’s problem out there is their SKIN especially their face. I suffer of adult acne and its something that is constantly on my mind.

  • Hello Baby Mrccnoil

    Niina Rates|The Moroccan Dream ★★★★

    I’ve been using this product for a while now, and before I actually got my hands on this baby I did a few researches here and there… Why? Because one it’s pretty…

  • inspiration

    7 ways to find inspiration

    Sometimes as a Blogger, you get to that point where you really don’t know what to do or write anymore. Nothing seems exiting or original. BEEN THERE DONE THAT WE ARE GUILTY.…

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    5 Min at home Bikini Body Workout

    Hi dolls, summer is around the corner this means its time to strut that bikini.  Now before we hit the beach and flaunt what our momma gave us, we need to prep our self for the…

  • tmi

    The TMI TAG

    Hey Guys we got tagged a few months ago by some fellow Youtubers to do the TMI TAG,and thought it would be fun to do so, check out our funny and quirky answers on the questions we…

  • blogging-goals-dreams-reality

    Hot topic: Blogging VS Actual Life

    i absolutely love blogging, and every since i have started about 2 years ago I’ve met and build new friendships, branched out and reached goals.  This is mainly what has…

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    Press Conference for Miss Curacao World 2014’s Designer Night

    Get an inside look at the press conference by clicking below ! Monday March 17th Houseoffstyle got invited to be part of the chosen press representatives to get the first scoop on…

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    Live your Blog | The Pytho Hair Event

    Last weekend the Houseoffstyle team along with our fellow Curacao Bloggers team and Kabeiduru.com and also the Miss Curacao World contestants got the opportunity of experiencing…

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    St.kitts & Nevis|Summer getaway☀

             To me it’s just so crazy how Summer flew right by, you plan it months ahead for it to just fly by like that it’s kinda crazy…. buuuut I guess you…

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    Ayvo Brush Set | Giveaway OPEN

    We wanna thank all our dolls who’ve been subscribed to our channel for a while now and the new ones! We really appreciate all the lovely comments that you guys leave behind…

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    Get fit with SASS | 8 weeks FitQueens Challenge

    Hi dolls !!! we are back, and today i am introducing you to my personal trainer Shirley from Fitqueens. I have decided to go on a 8 week get fit with SASS challenge. And i am…

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    Blog Diary | David Paulus Fashion presentation

    Hey Dolls, a couple of weeks ago we visited the David Paulus fashion presentation and had a blast!!! check out our Vlog Diary now !!

  • natural, transitioning, going, hair style, regime, products

    Lets Talk | I am going Natural

    OMG AM GOING NATURAL NOW WHAT DO I DOO ?!?!?! i decide to go natural last February and am still in the midst of trying to find the right products, regime and just grasping the…

  • night out, vampy, makeup, tutorial

    Make up look | Night out Vampy Tutorial

    Jani’s back with another makeup look! When you’re out and about at night, you always want your makeup to pop! I mean who doesn’t?? This beautiful vampy look is…

  • curacao, curadise, willemstad, dutch, antilles

    TAG| Curadise Tag

    We got tagged a few weeks ago by Jennyfer Ross, she made her own Curadise Girl Tag. If you don’t know now we are from Curaçao and in this tag we get to tell you a lil…

  • fitqueens, shirley engelhardt, sass, review, coffee, body scrub, natural, fitness

    Review | FitQueens Coffee body scrub

    Have you been working out hard  for your perfect Summer bikini body ? today where showing you a great addition to your health and fitness regime. The Fitqueens Coffee body scrub

  • ripped, denim, jeans, style, how to, ootd, lookbook

    Stylefile | Ripped Denim Jeans

    Guess who’s back!! I managed to film a quick stylefile video a few weeks ago and now I’m finally sharing it with you guys! Here’s how I style my ripped…

  • IMG_4889


    Hallooooo there! Omg is she still alive?? Yes we know it’s been awhile since we both actually written a blog post… We’ve been so busy with our YouTube channel…

  • grwm, summer, festival, coachella, crazy sexy cool, makeup look, tutorial, outfit, ootd, cookbook, sass, styleandstilettos

    GRWM: Summer Festival Edition

    Hey dolls school is almost out this means Summer is coming and we are ready to hit up all the fun and festive summer festivals, Click read more to watch our GRWM

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    First Date Tag

    Dating, It’s always a different experience, what are all the things you go through while getting ready or how would you act if they asked you to pay for the bill?? Watch us…

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    5 things i Dislike about social media

    Social Media is literally running our world. Although social media is beneficial in someways, especially being a blogger/vlogger there are somethings we absolutely HATE about…

  • morning skincare routine

    Niina’s Morning skincare routine

    Hii Dolls today I’m sharing my morning skincare routine. So click Read more and lets get started!

  • unboxing

    March Deautybox Unboxing

            Hiii Dolls we meet again!! It’s Friday and you know what that means? New Video!

  • This or that Header 2.5

    This or That Tag

    Hey Dolls it’s finally Friday!! And what better way to start the weekend with one of our videos :)

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    Our Favourite up and coming Youtubers

    A few weeks ago we talked about our favourite youtube gurus, but we decided to shed some light on some up and coming you tubers that we are currently admiring. Read all about Our…

  • top gurus

    Our favourite Youtube Gurus

    We know its been a long time since we managed to get a blogpost up but life has been so hectic lately we are still trying to get the hang of 2015. today we want to share with you…

  • things i'd tell my younger self, advice, tips, niina and berry, sass, styleandstilettos, curacao,

    10 Things we’d tell our younger self’s

    We've all had those cringe moments in life where you had a sudden flash back of what you did when you were younger wishing that you would have done it differently or that someone…

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    Niina Rates|TreacleMoon ★★★★

                  We’re always on the hunt for some new products, because we as women always wonder if we can find that one product that might just do a better job than…

  • curaçao, top stores, where to shop, caribbean shopping, sass, styleandstilettos, fashion.style, fashion tips, affordable shopping stores, caribbean, bloggers

    The best places to shop at in Curaçao

    Shopping in Curacao can be a real hunt sometimes !!! we know trust US WE KNOW so we have decided to look for the top 10 places shop at that are trendy and affordable. your welcome…

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    The Hotseat with Houseoffstyle | Joamie Tweed from myprsnlxperience

    Hi dolls, welcome back to another episode of The Hotseat if you haven’t checked out our last hot seat post go ahead and check it out here.  The Hotseat series is going to…

  • flexirod, tutorial, hair, natural, kinky, curly, oily, quick, easy, style, spring

    Spring Hair Tutorial

    HI DOLLS !!! Today we have a spring/summer flexirod tutorial. This is a collaboration with Sue-jeen from Sj's Obsessions. We are showing you our favourite hair style for this…

  • sass,styleandstilettos,curacao,blogger,caribbean,primark,coolcaat,shoplog

    Recent Purchases | Primark, Coolcat, The Netherlands + Chitchat

    Who can pass on a Good after Holiday season sale I KNOW I SURE CANT !!! wanna know what i scored during the holiday season ? take a look with me

  • IMG_2078

    Review | Dr. van der Hoog Quickboost

    Hi Dolls, today i have a Review about the Dr. Van der hoog Quickboost & Quick restore facial masks.  I bought these two products in Holland when i was on Holiday vacation…

  • hilary-swank-660

    Hottopic | out with the NEW in with the OLD

    Do the fashion trends keep changing? Or they just rotate? find out our thoughts in our Hottopic | out with the NEW in with the OLD

  • fruit,popsicle, popsicle mold,fruit ice cream, diy popsicle

    SASS in the kitchen | vodka fruit popsicle

    In todays SASS in the kitchen post, we are going to make some yummy fruit popsicles with a little adult sass to it ! We love ice cream and popsicles but we have to admit its not…

  • comfort over style, school, fashion, style, cookbook

    Stylefile | Comfort over style

    Comfort over Style Hi dolls back to school season has started for many. Some of you have been in school for over 4 weeks now. Exam season is just around the corner so we bet  by…

  • www.styleandstilettos.com

    SASS in the kitchen | Tropical Strawberry brownie dessert

    You might have noticed that we have become quiet the baking betties. Its because my dad recently bought a new oven for my mom and i, and yes we have gone baking-nuts. For this new…

  • explore, island,curacao,sass,styleandstilettos, vacation,beach,sun,sand

    Taking you with me | Experience Curacao

    Hey Dolls a month a go my family and I decided that we needed a lil Island Vacation on our own Island I decided to take my cam with me incase I wanted to Vlog and so I did hope…

  • homemade-baked-potato-chips-3_Fotor

    SASS in the kitchen | Homemade Potato Chips

    If you have a salty knack like us, then this post is for you. Eating salty snacks is not the most healthy choice but sometimes you just can’t resist right? Well Niina and I…

  • wardrobe essentils for an island vacation

    Essentials for an island Vacation

    Knowing what the wardrobe staples for an island vacation are will definitely help you pack faster and more efficiently.  Seeing that we live on an island in the caribbean, we…

  • Find-your-blogging-voice

    Let us Talk !| Women with SASS

    Hi guys, today we are going to have a talk, let’s talk about passion. What is your passion? Come on, you can say it out loud, don’t be afraid. Let us help you: “My passion…

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    stylefile | W2WWNTW THE Floral Dress

    The floral dress has become a wardrobe staple these days. You could wear it alone, with a leather jacket, a blazer, or a denim jacket. You can work all kinds of different…

  • jljn

    StyleFile | What to wear when Nothing to wear 1

    What to wear, What to wear i think that must be the most common sentence in every womans vocabulary WHAT TO WEAR. Picking out what to wear can always be hard when you’re under…

  • rollup

    Catch up with Hofs

    its been a busy month we know, we know. So if you haven’t gotten the chance to check out our latest video uploads don’t fear we’ve got the roll up right here !!…

  • 7 fail proof tips for applying lipstick

    Hey guys today am going to share 7 tips on how to apply your lipstick on flawlessly ! so if you have been wondering how to get that flawless application just follow the easy steps…

  • gvfj

    DIY Sugar cookie honey scrub

    Today we are back with a quick DIY  on how to get beautiful glowy soft skin. Living in the caribbean has its pro’s and con’s. The pro’s being the fantastic…

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    Stylefile| Statement and Neutrals

    Last March as most of you know we got invited to attend the Press Event for Miss Curacao World’s Designer Night. As I read the invitation in our mailbox my head started…

  • ferragamo-menswear-milan-fashion-week-ss-2013

    Lets Talk a men who dress

    Hi dolls, So lets talk about one of our favorite topics MEN XD . Yes ladies men, we know we love them hate it or love it cant live without them. Men’s Wear   I consider…

    things i'd tell my younger self, advice, tips, niina and berry, sass, styleandstilettos, curacao,

    10 Things we’d tell our younger self’s

    We’ve all had those cringe moments in life where you had a sudden flash back of what you did when you were younger wishing that you would have done it differently or that someone would have stopped you. But that’s how you learn from you mistake to better yourself! see what Niina and I would have told our younger self’s


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