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St.kitts & Nevis|Summer getaway☀

         To me it’s just so crazy how Summer flew right by, you plan it months ahead for it to just fly by like that it’s kinda crazy…. buuuut I guess you just live with it.

So I went on a little vacation trip with the Fam to visit my Grandmothers birth place, I’ve been there before but I think I was like 3 years old so I don’t really remember much. It took us a whole day of traveling  just to get there, we hopped on a plane from Curaçao to St.Maarten we stopped at St.Kitts to pick up some passengers and then finally we were off to Nevis. This Green Island (because there’s so much trees) is so peaceful calming and just soooo relaxing, even though I was a bit worried about not having internet because you still have to stay up to date with whatever’s happening on le social media.

If you ever have a chance to travel to St.Kitts & Nevis go ahead you’ll enjoy the nature and there’s just something about Nevis not being quite modern that I love!





























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Ayvo Brush Set | Giveaway OPEN

We wanna thank all our dolls who’ve been subscribed to our channel for a while now and the new ones! We really appreciate all the lovely comments that you guys leave behind and the support! It means the world to us! That’s why we decided to host a giveaway.

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Get fit with SASS | 8 weeks FitQueens Challenge

Hi dolls !!! we are back, and today i am introducing you to my personal trainer Shirley from Fitqueens. I have decided to go on a 8 week get fit with SASS challenge. And i am brining you along for the ride. Hope you guys are as exited as i am and i will see you guys in our first Vlog

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Blog Diary | David Paulus Fashion presentation

Hey Dolls, a couple of weeks ago we visited the David Paulus fashion presentation and had a blast!!! check out our Vlog Diary now !!

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Lets Talk | I am going Natural

OMG AM GOING NATURAL NOW WHAT DO I DOO ?!?!?! i decide to go natural last February and am still in the midst of trying to find the right products, regime and just grasping the over all thought of being natural.

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Make up look | Night out Vampy Tutorial

Jani’s back with another makeup look! When you’re out and about at night, you always want your makeup to pop! I mean who doesn’t?? This beautiful vampy look is always something you can recreate if you want to make a statement with your look! We tried to keep it as simple and easy to follow.

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TAG| Curadise Tag

We got tagged a few weeks ago by Jennyfer Ross, she made her own Curadise Girl Tag. If you don’t know now we are from Curaçao and in this tag we get to tell you a lil something something about where we came from.
The name Curadise is a combination of Curaçao & Paradise.
Enjoy the video!

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Review | FitQueens Coffee body scrub

Have you been working out hard  for your perfect Summer bikini body ? today where showing you a great addition to your health and fitness regime. The Fitqueens Coffee body scrub

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Stylefile | Ripped Denim Jeans

Guess who’s back!! I managed to film a quick stylefile video a few weeks ago and now I’m finally sharing it with you guys! Here’s how I style my ripped (distressed) denim jeans!

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Hallooooo there!

Omg is she still alive??

Yes we know it’s been awhile since we both actually written a blog post… We’ve been so busy with our YouTube channel that we decided to put blogging on hold just for now but don’t worry we’re picking up where we left! And if you haven’t subscribe to our YouTube Channel yet then what is you waiting foooor?

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GRWM: Summer Festival Edition

Hey dolls school is almost out this means Summer is coming and we are ready to hit up all the fun and festive summer festivals, Click read more to watch our GRWM

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First Date Tag

Dating, It’s always a different experience, what are all the things you go through while getting ready or how would you act if they asked you to pay for the bill?? Watch us as we answer all them questions lol!
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5 things i Dislike about social media

Social Media is literally running our world. Although social media is beneficial in someways, especially being a blogger/vlogger there are somethings we absolutely HATE about social media.

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morning skincare routine

Niina’s Morning skincare routine

Hii Dolls today I’m sharing my morning skincare routine. So click Read more and lets get started!

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Easy Spring/Summer makeup look

Hii Dolls spring and summer are officially HERE !!! and what better way to celebrate than with a makeup tutorial.

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March Deautybox Unboxing

        Hiii Dolls we meet again!! It’s Friday and you know what that means?

New Video!

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This or that Header 2.5

This or That Tag

Hey Dolls it’s finally Friday!! And what better way to start the weekend with one of our videos :)

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Our Favourite up and coming Youtubers

Hi Dolls,

A few weeks ago we talked about our favourite youtube gurus, but we decided to shed some light on some up and coming you tubers that we are currently admiring. We think these darlings will rise to youtube stardom and time now.

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Our favourite Youtube Gurus

Hey Dolls,

We know its been a long time since we managed to get a blogpost up but life has been so hectic lately we are still trying to get the hang of 2015. But don’t fear SASS is definitely here!! Today we wanted to share our favourite youtube gurus with you guys.

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Useful ways to use Coconut oil

Hi Dolls, are you looking for natural products to add to your skin,hair and beauty routine ? here are some useful tips we think might help you out

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10 Things we’d tell our younger self’s

We’ve all had those cringe moments in life where you had a sudden flash back of what you did when you were younger wishing that you would have done it differently or that someone would have stopped you. But that’s how you learn from you mistake to better yourself! see what Niina and I would have told our younger self’s

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Niina Rates|TreacleMoon ★★★★

              We’re always on the hunt for some new products, because we as women always wonder if we can find that one product that might just do a better job than the previous product that we were using, there’s always that hope….. sadly most of the time we just find ourselves going back to what we were using.

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The best places to shop at in Curaçao

If you live in the Caribbean than you might relate to our struggle. Sometimes you want to dress or style yourself one way or the other, but that simply isn’t possible because our local shops don’t sell what it is we think is fashionable and on trend.

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Ratings with Niina | Sympathy For The Skin Review

        Hiii Dolls so after a long long time I’m finally back with a post for you ladies!

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Ocean Salt|Niina Rates ★★★★

Here I am again with another Lush saga review, I am aware that I went a little cray cray in the Lush store only because those products are not available where I’m from… I kept telling myself that as I was picking and choosing what I wanted to buy :)

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Niina Rates | Daisy by Marc Jacobs ( EU SO FRESH)

hi there ladyloves ! 

so as you ladies can see by my title I am going to give you all a quick and simple review of a perfume I got as a gift.

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SassTalks | Helpful weightloss tips

One of the most difficult things about losing weight is figuring out how to keep your weight off once you have lost it.

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Hot topic | skincare tips for in your twenties

I am turning 23 next month and this is starting to bring allot of questions to my mind. Especially regarding my skin and how to take care of it.

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Weekend getaway

Beach Life

It’s always nice to visit the beaches here on the Island and one of my favourite one here is Playa Kenepa Grandi.

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The natural Beauty shop opening

On June 30th we had the Honor of being able to witness on our our fellow YDK’s ( Yu’i di Korsou) Naturals Curacao store opening event.

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DIY | Wall, Desk Decor

Today I decided to do something different, a while ago I saw this on youtube and I thought this would be a great idea to do in my summer vacation which is sadly coming to an end buut oh well, this is pretty easy, fun and cheap.

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DIY | Soothing and refreshing Cucomber & Lemon face mist

One of my and I think a lot of other women’s problem out there is their SKIN especially their face. I suffer of adult acne and its something that is constantly on my mind.

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Hello Baby Mrccnoil

Niina Rates|The Moroccan Dream ★★★★

I’ve been using this product for a while now, and before I actually got my hands on this baby I did a few researches here and there… Why? Because one it’s pretty expensive and two my hair is relaxed and I wanted to know that if I purchased this product it won’t go to waist and is something I can actually apply in my hair regimen.

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7 ways to find inspiration

Sometimes as a Blogger, you get to that point where you really don’t know what to do or write anymore. Nothing seems exiting or original. BEEN THERE DONE THAT WE ARE GUILTY. But we have a few tips and tricks to help you get out of that WRITERS BLOCK.

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5 Min at home Bikini Body Workout

Hi dolls, summer is around the corner this means its time to strut that bikini.  Now before we hit the beach and flaunt what our momma gave us, we need to prep our self for the beach.

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Hey Guys we got tagged a few months ago by some fellow Youtubers to do the TMI TAG,and thought it would be fun to do so, check out our funny and quirky answers on the questions we picked out ! <3

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Hot topic: Blogging VS Actual Life

i absolutely love blogging, and every since i have started about 2 years ago I’ve met and build new friendships, branched out and reached goals.  This is mainly what has made me fall in love with this new hobby of mine, but what happens when your a full time college student, a friend, a sister, a girlfriend, a daughter, and every thing else?

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Live your Blog | The Pytho Hair Event

Last weekend the Houseoffstyle team along with our fellow Curacao Bloggers team and and also the Miss Curacao World contestants got the opportunity of experiencing the Phyto hair line that has been  introduced to our island.
This opportunity was more than perfect because we are currently on our healthy relaxed hair journey’s and its always nice to get information from international professionals on how to care for your hair.
  The host’s for this event where the marvelous Mr. Ron Williams who is an internationally known celebrity stylist along with Ms. Vivana Garrido at the Yellowhouse /Zylo Curacao . He explained the line and their main focus and we also got  opportunity to get our hair scoped.
phyto 3
For The hair scope they used little cameras that magnify your hair so close that you can see the condition of your hair really clear on screen. Based on what they see which is parted into scalp condition,dryness,split ends  and the hairs overall condition they will recommend the best Phyto products and treatments for your hair type.
 We where truly amazing by the Phyto  hair line, never in our mind we would have thought that there was a hair product line out there that has every hair type in mind.
What we love the most is the fact that its made of 95% botanical ingredients, this makes it perfect for the hair lovers who still want to keep their hair flawless but without using harsh chemicals.
With Phyto products your hair is treated naturally. Phyto hair care also  has a  Phyto specific line which concentrates on  naturally curly hair so the natural hair sisters will be pleased as well.
What triggered our attention the most is their Phyto specific hair relaxer.
Since we are relaxed chicks, we will definitely try their relaxer out !
check out the amazing photos below
Meeting  Ron & Viviana was amazing they where so welcoming and kind and very passionate about this product and the Phyto hair care  line.
We really do hope we see them again ! Check out our video coverage of this event below

The Hotseat with Houseoffstyle | Joamie Tweed from myprsnlxperience

Hi dolls,

welcome back to another episode of The Hotseat if you haven’t checked out our last hot seat post go ahead and check it out here.  The Hotseat series is going to be a series dedicated to interviewing people and business that inspire us on the daily. Today we have a great article where you will get to know Miss Joamie Tweed from myprsnlxperience.

So without further a do lets move on to the hot seat shall we.


Joamie Tweed also called jo is a 26 year old Fashion Blogger. Her blog MyPrsnlxperience (My personal Experience) was founded on the 12th of June 2012. she posted her first article after finishing her exams at school.

it felt so liberating when she finally got the courage to do it. It is the place where she posts her day to day casual outfits.  she also does look books on special themes.  her photos are always accompanied with an anecdote, or the source of her inspiration for the outfit. The goal of her blog is to show her readers that with a little creativity, everyone can own an exclusive and unique sense of style, which compliments their personality.


she has been blogging for a year and 5 months now.and is in love with fashion, arts and music. At first she can be very quiet and conservative.  But when she catches the climate she will start showing her funny, vivacious and bubbly side.  she describes herself as spontaneous and adventurous.  and a lover of good conversation and out of the blue activities always searching and exploring for new things. she  loves to keep it fit by either running or going to the gym and her travel bucket list is getting longer and longer.

her personal style is to be considered a little quirky and out of the box, especially when dressing casually. If having to attend to any formal event she’ll probably dress very femininely and glamorous, but with a funky twist. It’s a way of stamping her personality.


Blogging is her way of expressing her personal style and taste in fashion.  she also express her interests in art, music and lifestyle. For Jo it means showing her creativity to the world.  she experiences it as her voice in the fashion world and she hope to reach out to people that have the same thoughts as hers or to inspire people who need a little help in finding their own style.

Throughout the years Jo read so much about fashion, but needed a way of letting it all out. she remembers when she was in college people would approach her asking her where does she shop or how does she come up with the ideas for dressing up. All this pushed her to the final step of starting up her blog. 


Jo’s  been reading glossies for as long as she can remember, and ever since she has been inspired to create a number of outfits based on all of the fashion tips she have acquired, from years and years of reading. she remembers her first glossy was the “Seventeen” magazine.

she then  switched to In Style magazine as she began to get older and evolve into a woman. Up and till today she still gets inspiration from all of the fashion tips they offer. This glossy has had a great influence on the way Jo dresses today. The reason is because it offers insight on how to create your own style. They give tips on how to embrace your own figure, and to dress  in a way that enhances your personality as a whole. It has truly helped her understand why certain pieces will fit her style better than others.

Jo remembers by the time she was nine she used to watch this sitcom named Clarissa she immediately fell in love with her style. Clarissa would wear the weirdest ensembles ever but still she was terribly attracted to the way they styled her. but being from a small island where fashion statements are not yet as development and open minded as other countries she could only dream of wearing those clothes,

( for the Curacao peeps) If you do remember that song “esei a keda hippy..hippy hippy hippy” she didn’t want to be portrayed like that in any way. But as she grew up she felt a need to be free within her style. and so she did when she moved to Europe.


So she started to  started to follow some interesting street-style bloggers from which she got a number of creative ideas for her looks.

Among her favorites are Caroline Blomst (, her all time favorite Andrea Torres

(, vogue and grazia editor Tamu McPherson (, Tommy Ton

(, Gaby (, and Scot Schuman (

we asked Jo to Name four of her best blogging experiences and these where:

1)    Meeting and interacting with Fred van Leer. A well-known Dutch TV host and stylist. I met him at this year’s vogue fashion’s night out.

2)    Getting my first award as a fashion blogger: The Liebster award. For me it was an extra push to continue in doing what I love.

3)    My first professional photo-shoot collaboration, I truly want to thank Jo-dor Photography for his ideas, professionalism and input in blog. The work chemistry was amazing. I still fall in love with the Photo’s whenever I see them.

4)    All of the comments, requests, interactions and encouragement I get from my readers. You guys truly make my day, and inspire me to continue to deliver even more of my ideas and thoughts. It is such a great feeling to know that your work can inspire others to create their own style.


Jo seeks  to share her voice, inspire others to be themselves and to not be afraid of exploring their style horizons. five years from now she sees herself still running her blog and interacting even more with readers.

she also  sees herself collaborating with more bloggers and fashion lovers to inspire her readers even more.

lastly she gave us one last tip for every aspiring blogger out there

Be yourself, and find that single core talent that will differentiate you from others. And please whatever it is that you want to achieve, go for it: don’t ever give up and most importantly of all: don’t worry what anybody says/thinks about your dreams.




hope you enjoyed another post with The Hotseat, don’t forget to rate this post and also tell us what you thought about it in the comment section below.