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Review | Dr. van der Hoog Quickboost

Hi Dolls, today i have a Review about the Dr. Van der hoog Quickboost & Quick restore facial masks.  I bought these two products in Holland when i was on Holiday vacation because i saw my sister using them for a while and i thought i might just try them out.


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dr van der hoog quickboost

General information 
Dr. van der Hoog is a Dutch cosmetics brand which was created in late 1935 by Dr. Pieter Hendricus van der Hoog, out of love for his wife that had severe skin problems. He traveled the world in the
search for the best ingredients to make the best skin products for his wife, and created the first cosmetics brand in Holland.
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the packaging is completely adorable, i love the bright colors and bold font they use on the two packages, you can instantly see what it is and what its used for. No need for searching, the Quick boost serves as a facial booster that adds shine and life to your face on those tired days and the quick restore, restores vitamins and rejuvenates the skin.
dr. van der hoog, quickboost, sass, styleandstilettos, review
over all i love these products they all contain important ingredients such as jojoba oil and aloe vera, to help improve your skin. they feel light on the face even though the mask is of a very thick consistency and they smell light and fresh but not too scented. the thing i love the most about this product is that a little goes a long way. this means the product won’t run out fast. After you wash your face you truly feel refreshed, in less then 5 minutes.
dr. van der hoog, quickboost, sass, styleandstilettos, curaçao, blog, black, caribbean, bloggers
final verdict : A++ 

Hottopic | out with the NEW in with the OLD


the term itself stands for glamour and attitude. but have you ever sat down and actually thought about fashion?
does fashion really evolve and transform itself ?
Do the fashion trends keep changing? Or they just rotate?  i’ve come to a realization within the past 3 years that fashion in it self does not transform . but we are simply stuck within a rotation cycle from the past years.
The 80’s style which was about 34 years back is now the so called ‘new’ style statement. But is it really new? The churidar or leggings as we call them and body hugging tops are back in fashion now. So are we really moving towards new style statements or it just repetition of am great majority of old 80’s trends with some modifications. For example:

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the peplum trend

High wasted pants 
high waisted pants, fashion,style,trend,kim kardashian

high waisted pants

High waisted shorts 
Leopard print 
rihanna, fashion, style


Mid riff
middriff, style, sass, styleandstilettos

Bitch stole my look?

that’s probably what our parents and aunts might be saying right now LOL, it seems like we’ve all been raiding our parents closets and old photos lately to add that old -new vintage feel to our wardrobes. but if we really take a look back , we might actually realize that everything we are wearing today is non the less EXACTLY what they wur wearing yesterday. only difference are some slight moderation’s here and there to add a modern feel.
Mens wear
High split
High waisted
Body language
Longsleeved sleek
Wild curls
Rock ‘n’retro
I for one LOVE the concept of going back to the basics, with fashion now if only we could also go back to basic with our manners and respect and family values, but hey we have to start somewhere , might as well be fashion :D
So what do you guys think about these new old fashion trends Gotta have them or make them stop?
I personally love them and i gotta have them .
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10 Things we’d tell our younger self’s

We’ve all had those cringe moments in life where you had a sudden flash back of what you did when you were younger wishing that you would have done it differently or that someone would have stopped you. But that’s how you learn from you mistake to better yourself! see what Niina and I would have told our younger self’s

What would you have told your younger self to do different at that age? Let us know in the comments below <3


Niina Rates|TreacleMoon ★★★★


              We’re always on the hunt for some new products, because we as women always wonder if we can find that one product that might just do a better job than the previous product that we were using, there’s always that hope….. sadly most of the time we just find ourselves going back to what we were using.

Now I’ve tried tons and tons of body shower, gel, wash, cream, bars, whatever you want to call them lol I think I’ve tried it all. Before I started using this bath & shower gel from treaclemoon I was really enjoying the ANATOMICALS shower gel, my favourite one was the Sud the lot of you Mango and papaya body Cleanser  because it had a nice fresh kinda fruity tropical scent to it that I really enjoyed! After a while I got over the scent and I wasn’t kinda feeling it anymore and wanted to try something new #thingswomendo.


Okay so let’s talk about my new lover….. The one that stole my heart with just a whiff of that warm coconutty scent, It felt as if l was taking a stroll on the beach with a tall glass of Piña Colada…. Virgin of course ;) Just to realise that I was still standing in aisle 5.



                If there’s is one thing they did right is putting that extra effort into designing these lovely packaging for the products so simply yet eye catching, I like how the bottles are big, the products last a long time and each bottle has a story to tell thaaat and the scent is what won me over. The shower itself is very thick and doesn’t drip all over the place. Now it might just be me but I like it when something looks cute on my bathroom shelf , so waking up every morning and seeing these cuties perfectly aligned on my shelf really puts a HUGE smile on my face!


You can clearly see which one is my FAV!


Warm Cinnamon Nights

This one is my second favourite. And laaawd (Ghetto Voice) it smells good, the warm cinnamon nights scent reminds me of Christmas, and since ❅tis the season to be jolly❅ is almost here I thought why not! Now if you’re not one that loves sweet and spicy scents than you’re not going to love this one. Because it has a strong cinnamon scent that will take you back to those Christmas mornings, and I personally think that it has a touch of fruitiness to it.


If you want to know more about TreacleMoon:

These are available on the Island at: Albert Heijn 

Have you ever tried one of their products??

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The best places to shop at in Curaçao

If you live in the Caribbean than you might relate to our struggle. Sometimes you want to dress or style yourself one way or the other, but that simply isn’t possible because our local shops don’t sell what it is we think is fashionable and on trend. So yes shopping in Curaçao can be a real hunt sometimes !!! we know trust US WE KNOW so we have decided to look for the top 10 places shop at that are trendy and affordable. Check out our video below and let us know what your recommendations are

your welcome <3 ENJOY

With <3 Nina and berry

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Sass Phyto Unboxing

Hi dolls, today we are here to share some great products we received from the hair brand Phyto Paris.

Last February we where present at the Phyto hair care launch event at The Yellow house Punda, and got the opportunity to meet the great celebrity hairstylist Ron Williams as wel as Phyto representative Vivianna Garrido. It was a really pleasant time and the Phyto products really intrigued us. Lucky us we got contacted a few months after to review some Phyto products for the brand, and we off course accepted.

yellow house,punda,curaçao,sass,styleandstilettos,photo,haircare,paris,unboxing,review

phyto hair scope

sass,styleandstilettos,curaçao,blogger,phyto,hair care,paris,unboxing,review,hair,products,yellow house,pundasass,styleandstilettos,curaçao,blogger,phyto,hair care,paris,unboxing,review,hair,products,yellow house,punda

phyto hair scope

Last month we had the opportunity to be present again at the Phyto hair scope at The Yellow house Punda where Viviana Garrido did a hair scope on everybody who was interested in knowing their hair situation. Unfortunately Niina wasn’t able to be present so i called in another blogger friend of ours Cristina from Dailybeautydose, to attend with me. We had a great time and Viviana did an amazing job at receiving us and explaining all the Phyto hair products to us that where recommended for our hair types.

After the event i received our goodie bags along with the 4 products Niina and I where gifted to review.

We received 4 products in total. These items we received where a Botanical scalp treatment (pre-poo scalp oil), a Rich hydration shampoo, a Rich hydration mask and last but not least a Deep repairing cream bath.

sass,styleandstilettos,curaçao,blogger,phyto,hair care,paris,unboxing,review,hair,products,yellow house,punda

phyto hair scope

sass,styleandstilettos,curaçao,blogger,phyto,hair care,paris,unboxing,review,hair,products,yellow house,punda

phyto hair scope

We are so thankful for Phyto hair care USA for having gifted us these products and stay tuned for our reviews.

Interested in seeing what we got ? Chek out our unboxing video below !

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The i <3 Fall TAG

We’re in the tagging fever lately so you’ll be learning something new about us ever time!
And we are very happy to announce that we finally reached 400 subbies it means allot to us THANK YOU❤, hopefully we will keep growing bigger and BIGGER!

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Berry Reviews | Inglot freedom system palette

Hi dolls we are back again with another review.
this time around we’ll be reviewing , the Inglot cosmetics freedom palette.

General information

 I bought this eyeshadow pallete’s about 2 years ago at ingot curaçao, because i dance in a dance group and we all need to have the same make up look for when we perform.
 Inglot is a make up cosmetic store  that has established itself in Curacao about a year or three ago. The Inglot brand has e very unique system wich is called the freedom system, this is where you can choose wich ever eyeshadow that you want and insert them in different palettes.
There are single palletes 2’s 4’s ‘6’s’10’20 and so on. This system isn’t only for eyeshadows but also for blushes, concealers and pressed powders.
inglot, freedom systeem, palette, makeup, review, sass, styleandstilettos

ingot freedom palette by sass


I purchased 2 four eye shadow palette from their freedom system, you get it in a packaging just like this. with the name on it , its verry sleek and simple which i like.
when you open it up you can see that the palette is a magnetic palette, this eliminates the trouble of having to worry about the cover falling back on when ure doing your make up. its easy and fuss free because you can just slide it off and work from there.
whats also interesting is the fact that they are magnetic which means if you buy more palletes they stick together because of that, which also eliminates having loose palletes everywhere since their all stacked up together and become one.
Packaging verdict : A
inglot, curaçao, freedom, system, palette, makeup, review

inglot curaçao


these eyeshadows are absolutely amazing i fell in love with them the moment i put them on for the first time. They don’t crease, there is no need for any base or primer and they stay put for up to 4 hours. Whats amazing about these eyeshadows is that they are highly pigmented and true to the color.

inglot, sass, makeup, review, freedom, palette, system, sass, curaçao, styleandstilettos

ingot freedom system review by sass


highly pigmented

no base coat

no creasing

affordable eyeshadows

73 guilders for the palette and four

shadows which makes them slightly more affordable than MAC


eyeshadows have numbers not names
when put in pallete you cant see them so
its easy 2 forget the numbers

product  verdict: A+

sass, inglot, review, freedom, system, palette, makeup, review, curaçao, blogger

freedom palette by ingot review

the final verdict 
overall rating: A ++
inglot, freedom, system, palette, makeup, review, sass, curaçao, blogger

inglot curaçao makeup looks using ingot’s freedom palette

i absolutely loved this product and i will definitely pay another visit to the ingot store as soon as i can.
I hope you guys liked our review  and if you guys have expiriences with this make up brand please link me down below
With Sass <3
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Ratings with Niina | Sympathy For The Skin Review

        Hiii Dolls so after a long long time I’m finally back with a post for you ladies!

 It took me a while cause as you all know, I think lol I was on vacation for a whole month that’s the reason why I’ve been MIA but however let’s get back to the post :) 

Blog pic 1

 Sympathy for the skin… 

  This nourishing lotion by LUSH Cosmetics is amazing, it really does wonders for the skin.  

It really looks like the creators of sympathy for the skin took the time to figure out a perfect combination of products for really dry skin. 

After using this lotion for about a week I fell completely in love with it and regret not buying a second one to bring back home with me. 

The Lotion 

This lotion is very creamy and keeps the skin moisturized for a good couple of hours, and also gives it a Healthy glow.

The Lotion can feel a bit greasy at first when you apply it, but absorbs quickly in the skin leaving it smooth and soft. It’s really great for people who suffer from dry and itchy skin.  

DSCF9892 3

And OH My Lord! the LUSH Lotion smells amazing, allot of people say it smells like vanilla but to me it has this soft sweet banana scent to it.

What amazes me the most is that sympathy for the skin consist of fresh organic bananas!! Mashed of course… crazy huh!

I absolutely love love love this product, it is a bit on the pricey side BUT I’m not going to lie it’s TOTALLY worth it.


The Packaging

At first I wasn’t very fond of the packaging since it’s all black, but then I came around and thought it was cool and different. The black pots are made out of 100% recycled plastics and is recyclable, it’s very sturdy so you have a good grip on them. You’ll get a content of 240g of lotion which I personally think for the price you get it for, it could have been a bit more. Oh well… other then that I have nothing bad to say about this amazing product! 


 I give it a 5 out of 5 because it’s just that good!

If you are interested in purchasing this LUSH product then you can click this link and it will take you there>>,en_US,pd.html?start=2#

collage 1.2

Ocean Salt|Niina Rates ★★★★



Here I am again with another Lush saga review, I am aware that I went a little cray cray in the Lush store only because those products are not available where I’m from… I kept telling myself that as I was picking and choosing what I wanted to buy :)

Let’s get started!

The Ocean Salt Face Scrub can be a little harsh on the skin, if it’s being used to often…. since it does consist out of tiny bits of real ocean salt. That’s why I try to use this product once a week, to really get rid of the dirt and dead skin cells from that week. I make sure that before using it I rinse my face thoroughly, to prevent an unpleasant feeling.


The Ocean Salt Facial scrub is nice and thick and won’t drip while you are applying it on your face. And As you are exfoliating your face the salt dissolves and smooths in. The Scrub has a strong scent that might take you a while to get used to. I wont recommend storing this product in the fridge but in the bathroom at normal room temperature.

The Packaging

Now just like the Sympathy for the skin, the packaging is just as sturdy and hard… meaning it’s not something that would/could break easily and is recyclable.



I gave this product 4 stars, because it get’s the job done. It really leaves my skin nice and smooth aaand reduces the amount of blackheads I get now. Since I also suffer from dry and oily skin the sales girl recommend this for me, and I’m happy she did because I noticed my face is less oilier now then it was and the scrub doesn’t leave my skin really dry like some products have . The only con I have about this product that I’ve mentioned already is that if being use to often I can be a bit harsh on the skin.

Are you interested in purchasing the Ocean Salt scrub? Here’s the link to the site where you can place your order,en_US,pd.html#q=Ocean%2520sea%2520salt&start=2

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Niina Rates | Daisy by Marc Jacobs ( EU SO FRESH)

hi there ladyloves ! 

so as you ladies can see by my title I am going to give you all a quick and simple review of a perfume I got as a gift.
What I think about it, if I like the smell, how the packaging is & of course I have some pictures down below for the ladies that haven’t seen it yet. Witch I doubt but oh well you never know =) Enjoy & don’t forget to comment, letting me know what perfumes you love.

Let’s start with the packaging

daisy, marc jacobs, styleandstilettos, perfume, eu so fresh,

perfect packaging

I absolutely looove the packaging it’s so sleek but yet you have a good grip on it & what about the Daisy cover? I think that was what caught my eyes when I got it, it’s so pretty and cute I just couldn’t stop looking at it…. Who wouldn’t =)

The Smell

daisy, marc jacobs, spray, perfume,eu so fresh,cologne,perfume

the smell of daisy marc jacob

The smell… O gosh it’s smells soooo good. It’s has a really light and summery smell witch last pretty long with just a couple of sprays. So I find that good especially when I have a very busy day & I don’t have time to reapply my perfume.

daisy, marc jacobs, eu so fresh, perfume, sass, styleandstilettos

daisy by marc jacobs

I didn’t actually think that I would have like it when I got it, & I don’t like…. I love it!!

daisy, marc jacobs, perfume,sass,styleandstilettos, review, perfume

daisy by marc jacobs


SassTalks | Helpful weightloss tips

One of the most difficult things about losing weight is figuring out how to keep your weight off once you have lost it. Losing weight is very hard work, especially if you had more than a few pounds to lose. You do not want to go through all of that work and then gain the weight back. I went on my weightloss journey about 4 years ago and have managed to keep the weight off ever since. Here are My simple tips to keep the weight off once lost !!

we truly hopes this helps inspire some of you dealing with weight issues

With Sass <3

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Stylefile | Comfort over style

Comfort over Style Hi dolls back to school season has started for many. Some of you have been in school for over 4 weeks now. Exam season is just around the corner so we bet  by now everybody is busy preparing and studying for either midterms or exams, and whether your a High school student or College babeputting together the right outfit for school is always a Headache! so when in doubt we always choose : Comfort over Style. Since your going to be walking allot from classroom to classroom and from exam to exam make sure your always COMFORTABLE but still fashionable, this way you make it in time and in ONE piece. Here are a few tips to helping you stay Comfortably fashionable.

1. be shure you are always comfortable and then make shure your fashionable !
2. if you dont wanna carry a back-pack choose e Cross body bag , fashionable but also Handy for carrying books
3. Choose a brown Wedge instead of exhausting yourself wearing heels choose a comfortable wedge that you can walk in all day, and brown is a complementary color that goes with anything
4. go for floral pant,denim,jeggins there purfict for every season and you can dress it UP or Down anytime.
remember school is no fashion show, but its no crime to look Fashionably Comfortable ♥
 The trendsetter :
trendsetter, school outfits, college outfits, cookbook, back to school outfits

a school outfit for the trendsetter

Miss Goodie-two shoes :
school cookbook, back to school outfits, style, trend, college, outfits

back to school lookbook

The Daredevil:
daredevil, fashionista, back to school cookbook,outfits, cookbook, back to school, college outfits

the perfect outfit for the daredevil fashionista

Miss laid-back:
laidback, put to gather, style, fashion, back to school, cookbook, college, outfits

the laid-back but put together type of girl

would you guys choose comfort over style , or sacrifice it for fashion?
let us know in the comments below !! <3  all photos are property of @styledbymarj on instagram

SASS in the kitchen | Tropical Strawberry brownie dessert

You might have noticed that we have become quiet the baking betties. Its because my dad recently bought a new oven for my mom and i, and yes we have gone baking-nuts. For this new SASS in the kitchen, i wanted to make something cute and fuss free.  An easy 1-2-3 dessert to suit any occasions.

If you’re having a birthday or anniversary celebration this might be a cute and romantic way to show of your domestic skills :D It requires 0 baking since i decided to use store bought brownie cakes. But if you want you can choose to bake your own.

Watch the video here:

Or follow the instructions below <3

lets get started with the main ingredients, these are 1 box brownie mix or store bought brownies, large strawberries, 1 bag marshmallows, champagne glasses, whipped cream, sliced pineapples.

When your ready choose your berries clean and dry them so you can proceed to cutting in thin slices.

after your finished cutting your strawberries, neatly place 4 berries in the bottom of your glass. try to be as precise and neat as you can because you don’t want to stain the glass.

after your finished cut a brown in half and then that half in too another half and place them side by side on top of the berries.

Continue layering the strawberries, brownies, and marshmallows neatly on top of each other. And last but not least put a little whipped cream on top with a strawberry on the side for decoration.


remember this is a instant serve dessert, keep refrigerated and serve to guest as soon as your finished with dinner. other wise the cool whip will melt. if you want something  a little more long lasting you can use ice-cream instead of dessert or opt for a whipped cream of a what thicker consitancy.

There you have it your tropical strawberry brownie dessert. trust us it tastes absolutely delicious and your crowd will be screaming for more ! We hope you enjoyed it and please do watch our video above for visual illustration.

With SASS ( berry) <3

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Hot topic | skincare tips for in your twenties

I am turning 23 next month and this is starting to bring allot of questions to my mind. Especially regarding my skin and how to take care of it. Now i know that skincare for women in their 20’s differ from women in other age groups and skin types. But i think that regardless of your age you should always take good care of your skin. So i did some research and found out there where many skincare tips for women in their twenties i wasn’t paying much attention to.  New careers, graduating college and overcoming self identity issues are things that can influence your stress level and affect our skin negatively. So here are some tips for women like using their twenties that will be shure to give you radiant skin. Check out our video below and let us know what are your favourite skin tips ?


With SASS <3

photo 2-2

Weekend getaway

Beach Life

It’s always nice to visit the beaches here on the Island and one of my favourite one here is Playa Kenepa Grandi. I really love spending a whole day at the beach especially here, the weather was a lil gloomy in the beginning but cleared up afterwards buuut still… I decided to share a lil of my paradise with you guys today!


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


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Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

photo 3-2

photo 1-2

Don’t forget to check out our video on Essentials things to take to the beach: https: //

wardrobe essentils for an island vacation

Essentials for an island Vacation

Knowing what the wardrobe staples for an island vacation are will definitely help you pack faster and more efficiently.  Seeing that we live on an island in the caribbean, we thought this might be the perfect post for us. Summer isn’t over yet so we have some tips for all of the people coming down to the caribbean to have fun in the sun.  Packing can be an overwhelming job, and lets be honest allot of us get to exited when preparing for our vacation. We tend to over pack or sometimes even under pack. There are many wardrobe staples for an island vacation but here are some of our essentials for you.

style and stilettos

THE MOST important item for your island vacation is without a doubt your swimsuit. the whole point of going on an island vacay is to hit the beach. And there’s no beach without a swimsuit, whether your going to swim or not you always have to be prepared. it will look uber cute underneath your wetsuit or your see through cover up.


okay lets get real its, REALLY REALLY hot down here. so your definitely going to need some shade. a beach hat is essential, i love beach hats i think they look fancy and feminine.  they don’t only look cute but trust me they protect your skin from the direct sunlight.


Now if i know someone who adors slippers and flat sandals, its Niina ! but no joke Slippers or flat sandals  are the most appropriate footwear for an island vacation.  if your  at the beach you can choose to go barefoot but trust me the sand Burns sometimes so you will gravitate towards your shoes whether you want to or not.


protecting your eyes is also a definite must and also help top your beach attire.  pick and choose from different frames depending on your taste.


always bring a huge tote bag to the beach so that u can carry all of these essentials. I prefer bringing tote bags to the beach because they’re really basic, and  fuss-free.  we would recommend the light, canvas totes or the plastic/water-proof ones.


Beach wraps are versatile and definitely handy when it comes to an island vacation. Beach wraps can be transformed from a simple towel to a nice beach dress or cover-up. You can go to the beach wearing your wrap then take it off, and lay on it while you sun bathe.


(all photo source and credit: pinterest)

And last but not least ! you cannot hit the beach without sunscreen. the earth’s ozone layer is depleting, so you definitely need to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Sunscreen not only prevents you from gaining wrinkles and premature skin aging, it also reduces facial blotchiness.  So make sure you put on a least an ounce of sunscreen all over your body, 30 minutes before going outdoors.

we hope these seven essentials helps you stay focused when it comes to packing. Please check out our video for visual illustration and feel free to let us know what your staples are for an island vacation !

With SASS (berry and niina) <3

The natural Beauty shop opening

On June 30th we had the Honor of being able to witness on our our fellow YDK’s ( Yu’i di Korsou) Naturals Curacao store opening event.

sass vlog

The Naturals Beauty Shop is a store where you can purchase hair, skin, and beauty products which are a 100% natural and home made !, by the owner Mariluz Manuela herself. We managed to get a few shots here and there but decided to mainly enjoy the evening and of course indulge in some natural shopping. Stay tuned for MANY product reviews. ♥ Many blessing to Mariluz Manuela and goodluck on your new journey.

Enjoy the video below ! <3

If you like please hit subscribe <3 With SASS new video uploads every Wednesday at noon


DIY | Wall, Desk Decor

Today I decided to do something different, a while ago I saw this on youtube and I thought this would be a great idea to do in my summer vacation which is sadly coming to an end buut oh well, this is pretty easy, fun and cheap.

Soooo I said why not give it a try! Soo if you’re interested keep on scrolling!


 Things that you’re going to need are:

A scissor, glue and a white painting canvas.




            Now I found that this white painting canvas was not white enough for me, so I decided to spray paint it white.

 It came out exactly how I pictured it, remember you don’t have to do it I chose to spray paint it.



Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 11



Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 4.14.55 PM

 While the spray paint was drying I went on google and started searching for images that I would like to have on the paint canvas and I chose this one, I’ve always thought that this perfume was so girly and cute.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 4.15.00 PM





             I printed it out and cut it up nicely.


           Then I added some glue on the back of my printed picture.


 After that I just placed it on my painting canvas.



 And this is how it would come out, it looks like you just bought it doesn’t it. Hope you liked this post and that you will give it a try!


DIY | Soothing and refreshing Cucomber & Lemon face mist

One of my and I think a lot of other women’s problem out there is their SKIN especially their face. I suffer of adult acne and its something that is constantly on my mind.

Do I look alright? will they see my bumps, what should i use? why wont they go away?, are constant questions that pop into my head when I am getting ready in the morning.


In the attempt of having healthier skin we decided to make a cucumber and lemon face mist.  This face mist helps to freshen up your face, keep it moisturized and also the lemon helps against acne. Living in a sunny place ts essential that you keep your face fresh and moisturized.

The ingredients we are using for this face mist are:

1/2 a cucumber

2 lemons

boiled water

spray bottles

Start of by slicing the cucumbers and putting these into a bowl after you do this go ahead and peel your two lemons using the peels as your main ingredient, if you want you can slice a few lemons too but the peels should do just fine.


step two is to boil some water depending on how much you want to make and drown the cucumber and lemon completely  with the boiled water. You should let this sit overnight.


pour the mist the next day into your spray bottles and make sure you keep it refrigerated if your living in a warm place just like we do. Other wise you should keep it in a cool space.


The benefits of Cucumber and Lemon are plenty but we are just going to name a few:

1 )   Cucumber helps a great deal in fading the nagging dark circles around your eyes.

2 )    Cucumber helps a great deal to whiten and brighten your skin if you use it regularly.

3)   Cucumber is a boon to the sun burnt skin. You have stayed in the sun for long and got tanned badly, then apply cucumber juice over the affected area. The cooling and soothing effects of cucumber helps to cure sunburn over a short period of time.

1 lemon diminishes scars and age spots

2 lemon also heals acne, lemon juice has natural antibacterial properties that make it a good choice to help cure acne and prevent further breakouts.

3 lemon also exfoliates lemon juice is a natural exfoliatant since the citric acid acts as a gentle skin peel that removes the top layer of dead skin cells. this will result in a smooth complexion when used regularly.

 and there you go Voila ! a soothing and refreshing face mist.

With SASS Berry and Niina <3



Hello Baby Mrccnoil

Niina Rates|The Moroccan Dream ★★★★




I’ve been using this product for a while now, and before I actually got my hands on this baby I did a few researches here and there… Why? Because one it’s pretty expensive and two my hair is relaxed and I wanted to know that if I purchased this product it won’t go to waist and is something I can actually apply in my hair regimen. This is another Hair product that we’ve seen many many beauty guru’s/bloggers talk about, and of course it’s going to make you curious as to how it will work with your type of hair.


Okay so this is what I love about this product… If you have a hard time dealing with frizzy hair well this right here my friend is your solution to your f-r-i-z-z-y hair problems. It’s kinda crazy how it manages to tame my frizzy hair after I’ve washed it, because I let my hair air dry it usually get’s really frizzy especially if I haven’t roller set my hair. Now what I do is after I’ve Deep condition, Co-wash or clarify my hair I’ll pump a little bit of oil on my damp hair and after it dries too… trust me a little goes along way with this one.






        One thing about the packaging is, that it’s made from this hard type of glass.. So that means if/when it falls it will brake and you will lose all that good product. That’s the only thing I wasn’t very fond of.


 Since my hair is sparse it’s been a constant battle with certain hair products that weigh down my hair, but Im happy to say that with the Moroccanoil this is not the case. It’s so light that it won’t weigh your hair down, and can I say that the Moroccan oil smells amaaaazing gosh it really does, the scent can be a bit overwhelming at first but once you get use to it you’ll love it! Well at least I did!

Along with taming the frizz, not weighing the hair down it will also give it a beautiful and natural shine, I was impressed.  One thing though…. While I was applying it on my hair It wasn’t getting absorb as quickly as I thought it would, I would have to keep re applying the little bit of oil that was left over on my hand on my hair until it was gone.

If you are interested in buying this product you can purchase it here:


stylefile | What to wear when nothing to wear

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Your go to outfit for the summer. The specifics of this outfit will vary from person to person, depending on their style. Your go to outfit, however, is often one that you find yourself wearing over and over again. It’s usually the outfit that always makes you feel and look good no matter what. On those days when you think you have nothing to wear, your go to outfit is always a good choice.

Next time you have one of those days where you’re convinced you don’t have anything to wear, think again! Many of these outfits could easily be interchanged to create even more classic and stylish looks.


Stylefile | W2WWNTW The statement piece

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If your an adventurer and want to steer away from the basic look this summer, this is the outfit choice for you. For a more trend-based look, all you need is one statement piece of clothing. Pick a trend that you like and incorporate it into your outfit in the form of a statement piece of clothing or accessory. Even if the rest of your outfit is fairly simple, most of the focus will be on the statement piece anyway.


Stylefile | What to wear when nothing to wear







Don’t know what to wear this summer?

Work a nautical inspired look for summer with a polka dot t-shirt and denim shorts. A navy colored polka dot shirt is a classic item and looks great styled in all sorts of ways. A polka dot blue shirt worn with denim shorts, a straw hat, and leather sandals would look great worn anywhere from the beach to the park.



7 ways to find inspiration


Sometimes as a Blogger, you get to that point where you really don’t know what to do or write anymore. Nothing seems exiting or original. BEEN THERE DONE THAT WE ARE GUILTY. But we have a few tips and tricks to help you get out of that WRITERS BLOCK <3 check out our simple steps below.

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Stylefile | What to wear when nothing to wear

WHAT TO WEAR. Picking out what to wear can always be hard when you’re under the impression that you have “nothing to wear.” However, there are some foolproof outfit combinations that will always save the day. They don’t have to be super impressive or trendy, just simple and stylish outfits that can be dressed up or down to suit your style. As long as you have these key pieces in your wardrobe you’ll always know what to wear.

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The little black dress (LBD) is another wardrobe staple that will see you through a range of occasions. A simple LBD can be worn day or night and dressed up or down. You can create a range of different looks with just the one dress, depending on how you choose to style it. Updating your look can be as simple as changing up your jewelry and accessories or adding a few extra layers.


Watch our video here:


5 Min at home Bikini Body Workout

Hi dolls, summer is around the corner this means its time to strut that bikini.  Now before we hit the beach and flaunt what our momma gave us, we need to prep our self for the beach.

Follow Niina’s easy bikini body workout  and repeat each workout 4 times for 1 min and we will promise you to get that body ready for a splashing summer vacation.

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Hey Guys we got tagged a few months ago by some fellow Youtubers to do the TMI TAG,and thought it would be fun to do so, check out our funny and quirky answers on the questions we picked out ! <3

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Hot topic: Blogging VS Actual Life

i absolutely love blogging, and every since i have started about 2 years ago I’ve met and build new friendships, branched out and reached goals.  This is mainly what has made me fall in love with this new hobby of mine, but what happens when your a full time college student, a friend, a sister, a girlfriend, a daughter, and every thing else?
Things get a little hectic , so i decided to make  a blog post that hopefully helps some of you out there who may be confronted with the same issues. these tips come from experience as i had a hard time last year when interning at a business and keeping all my occupations steady.  Remember these tips are applicable  to every life phase you are currently in whether your a part time blogger or full time mom, high school junior or college grad and so forth. So i hope you enjoy !
1.Plan ahead
when you have many things on your table,sometimes its hard to get everything done. so what am trying to do is plan ahead. i keep a schedule of everything i want to work on for school/work and blogging during the week. so that i don’t feel overwhelmed feeling that i have allot of things to get done. and also have a schedule gives you a better insight of all the things you have to get done , and it lets you work to them without having to  waste time brainstorming on new topics.
2. Stick 2 the schedule
its very important to stick to your schedule once you’ve made it, now i know this is the hardest part of planning because we all know things never go as we ever planned them. but try to stick to it as much as possible. this is going to keep you from falling behind. don’t stress about not making it one day ,just make sure you schedule is  not overly full. leave days open so you can re-arrange and breathe if something doesn’t go as planned.
Hot pink pillows styling-005
3. get enough rest
i have noticed that when  i had started interning i used to be and still am now that am working more exhausted than usual  so its very normal for you to feel tired and exhausted, make sure you get enough sleep at night so that you can excel  at your internship/work in the morning and feel  good when you get home. if its possible take a little power nap during your lunch breaks , this does wonders trust me.
4. take it easy
take it easy. dont stress, and dont pressure yourself. it is hard managing social life, blogging and school/work. so pat yourself on the back and give yourself some credit once in a while. because you are doing the best you can. so if you cannot blog for a week because you are busy its okay to take  a break once in a while and enjoy life in the real time.
5. school comes first
and this is for all the bloggers like i stated above no matter what phase you are in. remember your priorities remember even though you love blogging allot, at the end of the day LIFE comes first. so make sure your assignments are done and handed in and that you are doing a great job. you have dedicated so many years of your life to get to where you are right now . so don’t get distracted by feeling stressed and overwhelmed. although hobbies are a good way to d-stress remember that noting is worth more then the feeling of having a diploma and knowing that you have achieved what so many haven’t. and first and fur most if your blog is not on the international level yet and you don’t have a steady income from it have fun take it easy and relax.
we know we all want that blogger celebrity life but just like school and love and life we all have to work for it slowly but surely you will make it if you follow these simple steps
i hoped these tips help , and happy blogging i wish you all the best

Lets Talk a men who dress

Hi dolls, So lets talk about one of our favorite topics MEN XD .
Yes ladies men, we know we love them hate it or love it cant live without them.

Men’s Wear


  I consider men’s wear and fashion like a baby that slowly but surely is evolving and growing.
 it has gone through many phases , but none of them really stuck for quiet a long time. in the early 80’s mens wear had an explosion of colors,breaking barrier’s within the men’s fashion world,but slowly throughout the 90’s and early 2000, i feel that men’s wear has taking a big big ,fashion Dip for the worse.
i mean we had the skater look, the over sized baggy look, and then we had the pants below the waist *rapper inspired * look,and so on.
 i do have to say that i am very content with the way men’s wear has evolutioned throughout the years.
and i believe that the current * cleaned up * look is here to stay.
Men and Fashion
i feel sometimes, that men are afraid to express there creative fashion style because of the stigma that surrounds society with how men are supposed to dress and behave.
but this is also coming to an end , men are wearing color and building up their style and fashion sense.
at first it used to be that men didn’t  wear color and where always very neutral with colors and clothing.
who says real men don’t wear pink , purple,or orange. wearing a certain type of color doesn’t make u anymore or less of a man then you are.
men are starting to have a voice in fashion and what they want to wear.

Men Who Dress

lets talk men who dress, now i am a very picky girl when it comes to men and how they dress. i like my men to look clean.
I don’t know if its me or if there are other ladies out there who feel the same, but sometimes when you look at a guy don’t you just get the feeling ,That he LOOKS DIRTY!.
That’s a definite no-no for me,  i definitely fancy the clean cut look. Am not saying he has to be dressed from top to bottom in a suit at all times, because i also like the urban feel that some men incorporate in there outfit.
But i definitely like a man that knows how to dress, what fits him best and knows a thing or two about fashion.
 To close of my post, here are the Men that i think have a very nice fashion sense.
am not saying they knock the ball out of the park every time , but they sure have there niche when it comes to fashion.
Pharrel Williams
Justin Timberlake
Trey songsz
David Beckham
Scott Dissick
Terrence J
2013 BET Awards - Ford Red Carpet
So what do you guys think about my picks ? and who are your favorite Men Who Dress?

Press Conference for Miss Curacao World 2014’s Designer Night

Get an inside look at the press conference by clicking below !

Monday March 17th Houseoffstyle got invited to be part of the chosen press representatives to get the first scoop on the Miss Curacao World 2014 first event called Designer Night.

Curaçao is also part of one of the world’s largest beauty pageants in the world which is called the Miss World pageant.  The global organization behind Miss World, believes firmly in
promoting beauty with a cause. Inner beauty and confidence, form two of the strongest traits that a Miss World title holder possesses. This is also the formula behind the extensive training and exposure that our candidates receive, as part of pursuing this amazing title.

Miss Curacao World is organized by Dushi Magazine Curaçao who has embraced the opportunity to organize this pageant and prepare the candidates of Curaçao. During their journey as Miss World Curaçao finalists, our candidates will promote the beauty of Curaçao to the best of their ability.

There for they are organizing their first event which is called Designer Night.  Where one of their cantidates will be crowned Top Model. this event is a blend of local and international designers who are going to dress the candidates for this event, Designer

Designer Night event details:
Friday, March 28th 2014 Marriott Curaçao
Arrivals and seatings start at 7.00 pm
Show is from 8.00 pm to 10.30 pm
Theme of the night and gala dress code for the candidates: “A Night At The Oscars”

the invited desingers are From Curaçao:Well known atelier owner; Edseline Rijkers
Renowned designer; Albertico Sambo
Known for elegant dresses; Wendell Elisabeth
Known as “The Couturier”; Jasmine Citrine


International Designers are:

Known for her exotic fashion style, from Aruba; Gigliola Gomez
A well known name in the New York Fashion Scene; Washington Roberts
Florida based finalist of Project Runway; Erin Healy

Aside from the candidates of Miss World 2014, the Runway will be graced with  guest VIP models:
*Miss Earth Curaçao 2013, Archangela Garçia
*Miss Hibiscus Curaçao 2013, Genesis Raphaela
*Miss Intercontinental Curaçao 2013, Yolanda Smallegange
*Top model Crystal Willems
*Top Model Thaima Osepa

We are so enthousiastic about this event so get your tickets while they are hot because they are limited!!

Information regarding the organization Dushi Magazine Curaçao:

For more information, feel free to contact:
Dushi Magazine
Suzy Koeiman
T: +59995120777
On Point Publicity
Shanny Sommer
T: +59995110541

phyto thumb

Live your Blog | The Pytho Hair Event

Last weekend the Houseoffstyle team along with our fellow Curacao Bloggers team and and also the Miss Curacao World contestants got the opportunity of experiencing the Phyto hair line that has been  introduced to our island.
This opportunity was more than perfect because we are currently on our healthy relaxed hair journey’s and its always nice to get information from international professionals on how to care for your hair.
  The host’s for this event where the marvelous Mr. Ron Williams who is an internationally known celebrity stylist along with Ms. Vivana Garrido at the Yellowhouse /Zylo Curacao . He explained the line and their main focus and we also got  opportunity to get our hair scoped.
phyto 3
For The hair scope they used little cameras that magnify your hair so close that you can see the condition of your hair really clear on screen. Based on what they see which is parted into scalp condition,dryness,split ends  and the hairs overall condition they will recommend the best Phyto products and treatments for your hair type.
 We where truly amazing by the Phyto  hair line, never in our mind we would have thought that there was a hair product line out there that has every hair type in mind.
What we love the most is the fact that its made of 95% botanical ingredients, this makes it perfect for the hair lovers who still want to keep their hair flawless but without using harsh chemicals.
With Phyto products your hair is treated naturally. Phyto hair care also  has a  Phyto specific line which concentrates on  naturally curly hair so the natural hair sisters will be pleased as well.
What triggered our attention the most is their Phyto specific hair relaxer.
Since we are relaxed chicks, we will definitely try their relaxer out !
check out the amazing photos below
Meeting  Ron & Viviana was amazing they where so welcoming and kind and very passionate about this product and the Phyto hair care  line.
We really do hope we see them again ! Check out our video coverage of this event below


The Hotseat with Houseoffstyle | Joamie Tweed from myprsnlxperience

Hi dolls,

welcome back to another episode of The Hotseat if you haven’t checked out our last hot seat post go ahead and check it out here.  The Hotseat series is going to be a series dedicated to interviewing people and business that inspire us on the daily. Today we have a great article where you will get to know Miss Joamie Tweed from myprsnlxperience.

So without further a do lets move on to the hot seat shall we.


Joamie Tweed also called jo is a 26 year old Fashion Blogger. Her blog MyPrsnlxperience (My personal Experience) was founded on the 12th of June 2012. she posted her first article after finishing her exams at school.

it felt so liberating when she finally got the courage to do it. It is the place where she posts her day to day casual outfits.  she also does look books on special themes.  her photos are always accompanied with an anecdote, or the source of her inspiration for the outfit. The goal of her blog is to show her readers that with a little creativity, everyone can own an exclusive and unique sense of style, which compliments their personality.


she has been blogging for a year and 5 months now.and is in love with fashion, arts and music. At first she can be very quiet and conservative.  But when she catches the climate she will start showing her funny, vivacious and bubbly side.  she describes herself as spontaneous and adventurous.  and a lover of good conversation and out of the blue activities always searching and exploring for new things. she  loves to keep it fit by either running or going to the gym and her travel bucket list is getting longer and longer.

her personal style is to be considered a little quirky and out of the box, especially when dressing casually. If having to attend to any formal event she’ll probably dress very femininely and glamorous, but with a funky twist. It’s a way of stamping her personality.


Blogging is her way of expressing her personal style and taste in fashion.  she also express her interests in art, music and lifestyle. For Jo it means showing her creativity to the world.  she experiences it as her voice in the fashion world and she hope to reach out to people that have the same thoughts as hers or to inspire people who need a little help in finding their own style.

Throughout the years Jo read so much about fashion, but needed a way of letting it all out. she remembers when she was in college people would approach her asking her where does she shop or how does she come up with the ideas for dressing up. All this pushed her to the final step of starting up her blog. 


Jo’s  been reading glossies for as long as she can remember, and ever since she has been inspired to create a number of outfits based on all of the fashion tips she have acquired, from years and years of reading. she remembers her first glossy was the “Seventeen” magazine.

she then  switched to In Style magazine as she began to get older and evolve into a woman. Up and till today she still gets inspiration from all of the fashion tips they offer. This glossy has had a great influence on the way Jo dresses today. The reason is because it offers insight on how to create your own style. They give tips on how to embrace your own figure, and to dress  in a way that enhances your personality as a whole. It has truly helped her understand why certain pieces will fit her style better than others.

Jo remembers by the time she was nine she used to watch this sitcom named Clarissa she immediately fell in love with her style. Clarissa would wear the weirdest ensembles ever but still she was terribly attracted to the way they styled her. but being from a small island where fashion statements are not yet as development and open minded as other countries she could only dream of wearing those clothes,

( for the Curacao peeps) If you do remember that song “esei a keda hippy..hippy hippy hippy” she didn’t want to be portrayed like that in any way. But as she grew up she felt a need to be free within her style. and so she did when she moved to Europe.


So she started to  started to follow some interesting street-style bloggers from which she got a number of creative ideas for her looks.

Among her favorites are Caroline Blomst (, her all time favorite Andrea Torres

(, vogue and grazia editor Tamu McPherson (, Tommy Ton

(, Gaby (, and Scot Schuman (

we asked Jo to Name four of her best blogging experiences and these where:

1)    Meeting and interacting with Fred van Leer. A well-known Dutch TV host and stylist. I met him at this year’s vogue fashion’s night out.

2)    Getting my first award as a fashion blogger: The Liebster award. For me it was an extra push to continue in doing what I love.

3)    My first professional photo-shoot collaboration, I truly want to thank Jo-dor Photography for his ideas, professionalism and input in blog. The work chemistry was amazing. I still fall in love with the Photo’s whenever I see them.

4)    All of the comments, requests, interactions and encouragement I get from my readers. You guys truly make my day, and inspire me to continue to deliver even more of my ideas and thoughts. It is such a great feeling to know that your work can inspire others to create their own style.


Jo seeks  to share her voice, inspire others to be themselves and to not be afraid of exploring their style horizons. five years from now she sees herself still running her blog and interacting even more with readers.

she also  sees herself collaborating with more bloggers and fashion lovers to inspire her readers even more.

lastly she gave us one last tip for every aspiring blogger out there

Be yourself, and find that single core talent that will differentiate you from others. And please whatever it is that you want to achieve, go for it: don’t ever give up and most importantly of all: don’t worry what anybody says/thinks about your dreams.




hope you enjoyed another post with The Hotseat, don’t forget to rate this post and also tell us what you thought about it in the comment section below.