OUTFIT | Whisk me of to Paradise

Hi there Stylish House mates,

last month i  whisked away to paradise, and i immediately thought this would be a great day to take some outfit post’s for you guys, and also share a little picture vlog.

 What to wear what to wear ??

the first thing that comes into mind of course,  after allot of debating i opted for something comfy, quick and of course Chic.

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we took of with mermaid boat trips, and set out to reach the small island of Klein Curacao ( little curacao), to relax and unwind for an entire day. the trip was on time the service was excellent and we had tons of fun. so i do recommend Mermaid boat trips to any of you who want to have a little weekend get away.

blootd1 (1)

blootd1 (3)

blootd1 (5)

blootd1 (6)

blootd1 (7)

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blootd1 (9)

blootd1 (10)

Blouse –  Maddona Curacao

shorts- www.Forever21.com

hat-  Bayside Miami

bag- Bayside Miami

if you want any information about the Mermaid boat trips ; https://www.facebook.com/mermaidcuracao?fref=ts

See you next time –  berrybye



    • June 21, 2013 / 12:17 pm

      thank you so much we will definitely chek ure links and follow back

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