Cruising with Sheedia| Lets talk local food

Cruising with Sheedia| Lets talk local food

Dress to eat local

Hi Stylish Readers,
It is the first post of Cruising with Sheedia. Last week I wrote a post about Curacao Food on my blog. Trying
out different food is great. In Curacao we do not eat too many extreme things. So don’t expect
any dog meat or rooster testicles on your plate. If you want to know more about what the local
food in Curacao consists of, you can check out the post my blog.


Most restaurants on the island do not serve real traditional Curacao cuisine. In the Curacao Food
post, I recommended some restaurants where you can eat local food. So this time we’re going to
cruise to those restaurants. They are: Plasa Bieu, Komedor Kriyoyo and Jaanchies.

Kabritu ku funchi

All of these restaurants are very open and family oriented. They have a feel as if you are having a
family lunch at your grandmother’s house. I said lunch because these spots are mostly open for

Now when we are talking lunch here on the island ITS A BIG DEAL, we love to eat and a lot of it. so wearing your most costliest dress, might not be such a good idea.

the weather as you now is HOT HOT HOT so we suggest you keep it on the comfy side. with a maxi, some shorts and t-shirts. something to make space for that belly you’ll have when finishing.

HEY LADIES….. keep it easy breezy with a printed maxi, some shorts and flats, or a flowing blouse and sneakers. don’t sweat beautiful is the one who feels comfortable in her clothing.


HEY FELLASS……now who’s to say men can’t have a little fun with clothing.  don’t be so 1940’s mix and match and have a bash. you’re in the Caribbean live a little add a pop of color here and there to brighten up your mood. beach shorts , printed t-shirts and that good ol’ trusty pair of jeans, and your good to go.


NOW THAT YOU KNOW WHERE TO GO AND WHAT TO WEAR,  ALL WE CAN SAY IS BON APETIT !! which is french but yea we use it in papiamentu too.

See you next time in



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