Cruising with Sheedia | Visiting the City

Cruising with Sheedia | Visiting the City


Visiting the city should be the first stop on the list of places to go in Curacao.


The picturesque Willemstad with its breathtaking colorful architecture is a place no one should miss. In the post  “Willemstad Curacao: A City Split in Two” I explained how the city has two sides that fit together perfectly.The two sides are Punda and Otrobanda. Punda is the side of town that is mostly known.

Almost every advertisement on Curacao includes a picture of the Handelskade. It is a collection of colorful buildings build alongside the harbor. What makes them so special is the fact that they are a mix of Dutch architecture with local colors. Punda is also known for its shops. You can find anything from top brands to the no brand stores. Of course there is also the opportunity to buy souvenirs if you are visiting.


While you’re there you could also take a walk to the floating market to get some fresh produce. The Otrobanda side of Willemstad is different. I find that it is the more social side of town. There are some great places to eat. Brionplein, Rif Fort and Renaissance Mall, all have some great restaurants. Aside from that the Renaissance Mall offers some shopping and a movie theatre.

Now on to the styling, as you know Curacao has a very hot weather, so its best you keep it simple and sweet. If your planning to cruise around the city the following recommendations are:


sweet and casual, and as flowy and breezy as possible.  Your going to be walking allot so a cute dainty dress or some shorts and a printed tee will keep you fresh and stylish.



Just like the ladies simplicity is key! so keep it basic and casual with a tee some shorts or your everyday jeans and slippers.


We hoped you enjoyed this months Cruising with Sheedia feel free to leave a comment below letting us know what you thought.


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