Cruising with Sheedia | Climbing fort BeekenBurg

Hello dolls, it is time for another ‘Cruising with Sheedia’.

For this month’s adventure, we’re going to Fort Beekenburg. It a beautiful Fort located between
Caracasbaai and Baya Beach. From my research I found out that it is one of the best-preserved
forts in the Caribbean.


The view while at Fort Beekenburg is the best.
I love this place so much, that I recently did a video about it.
Before it was just an abandoned fort with a breathtaking view, Fort Beekenburg had a much
more important role. It was one of the primary structures that protected Curacao from its
enemies. Though it is not a large fort, it has never lost a battle
It does require some work to see the great view.


There are three flights of stairs to get all the
way to the top. Including a staircase in a very confined space inside the fort. Don’t worry though,
I’ve even seen old grandma’s climb to the top. Just be sure you are wearing adequate clothes.

 By adequate clothes we mean something comfy and simple. You need to be able to run jump and duck so pretty skirts and dresses are not the best choice.

make sure you pick a comfy t-shirt or tank top and pair it with a colorful printed short, and off course your trusty sneakers. This way you’ll feel comfortable and fashionable.

and for the fellas, keep it simple just a t shirt your favorite pair of pants and sneakers as well.




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      yeaass they are we are guilty of having multiple ones hahah their so comfy and cute

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