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                                    I never did blog posts about monthly favourites because, I don’t buy a lot of products every month or if I do it’s the same thing and you’ll probably get bored with seeing that over and over lol.

So what I decided to do is… When I do buy a good amount of products and I’ve used them for a good time I’ll share it in a post!

 Lately I’ve been using the Mac 187 and the “beauty blender” sponge, to apply my foundation and highlighter and god I love using these to together! The results are just flawless no streaks nothing  just the perfect  coverage I need.




        One thing that does bother me about the brush is that it  sheds while I’m applying my foundation, I didn’t have that problem with my BE creative foundation brush and that’s just something I’m not very fond of but I just deal with it.




 This beauty blender sponge is so soft and  boooy do I love it, wish I jumped on this sponge bandwagon earlier. But it just didn’t seem to grab my attention at first you know.   I usually  let it soak underneath the running faucet then just squeeze it out and dap it try with some paper towel and then it’s ready to use. I’ve found a method to keeping it clean if you would like to know how just lemme know and i’ll make a post about it, it’s pretty easy.







IMG_8560 IMG_8561


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