I used to be fat!

The holiday season is around the corner and everybody is trying to find inspiration and motivation to get healthy and look their best during this wonderful season. Need inspiration to get started? This the story of how i lost 44 pounds.

A little back story on me 

YES! you read it right i used to be fat (or overweight to be more politically correct). I’d been overweight my entire life- but, never really saw it or was never really aware it. Coming from an Afro-Caribbean community, having a little more meat on the skin, is not necessarily seen as a bad thing.

“Even though i was a little more heavier than the rest of my friends, i had a wonderful childhood filled with lots of love and laughter. So no this is not going to be your typical “body-shaming” transformation story”.

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I was pretty liked through out primary school and high school as well. I hanged around with the popular crowd and had many friends. I can honestly say that my high school years where the most amazing years of my life. I wasn’t the prettiest out of the bunch but boys where never a problem and i think part of that was because i have a very open and spontaneous personality.

When i was growing up my parents made sure i was raised with a strong and confident character so my size wasn’t really an issue. Until one day at school during break a friend of mine who was starting to get into “the health thing” decided to take my BMI and noted that i was overweight. Even though i didn’t feel like i was thaaaat overweight her observation made me think.

“This was when i started looking at my size differently. I took a good look around at my friends and their bodies and it dawned upon me that maybe “i was fat”. Not that this was a huge issue for me but it certainly opened up my eyes to the reality”.

My weight loss journey (2009-2011)

After graduating high school i was sitting at the doctor one day with my mom and decided; you know, what the heck i am going to ask him to sent me to a dietitian to help me get this weight off. I thought to myself; your going to be a freshman in college soon, this cant possibly be the body you have during what is supposed to be the best years of your life. So in the summer of 2009 i started my first and only diet plan i have ever followed. The goal was to lose 1 kilo a week which went  surprisingly well.

Looking back at my old diet (not to shade the dietitian) i see that this was a very poor and restricting diet but effective nonetheless. I ate 6 meals every two hours at a  scheduled time. I  slowly incorporated light cardio and dance practices to my health routine.

The fat was melting off and the results got a tad bit addicting. I would count every calorie i ate and would freak out if i started getting a little fat roll (which was barely noticeable) on my tummy. Long story short i dropped 44 pounds in 9 months and was so proud of myself.

“What no one had told me though was the fact that diet and fitness go hand in hand, so yea i did lose a ton of weight and was a size 8 (16 before). But my body wasn’t toned and firm, i guess that didn’t matter, it was all about looking skinny (at the time)”.

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Skinny came with a prize

Unfortunately that came with a cost, in 2012 after a performing trip in Surinam i got extremely sick. I had house arrest for about 2 months and after numerous amounts of scans and echo’s i was diagnosed with gladbladder stones. Mind you something that only occurs in women of the age 35 and up (i was 19-20 at the time). I was too sick to recall all the information the doctors gave me but, what i do recall is that my extreme fat loss in such a short amount of time played a huge part in my current situation. After having gone under the knife to remove this organ (which was completely destroyed) from my body, i became even more cautious with my food intake. I decided to pay more attention on the types of food i was eating (started looking into the blood type diet) and started going to the gym. I loosened up a little on the strict diet and started to look and feel better with time.



Fast forward to 6 years later, i can proudly say that i have kept the weight off for 6 years and have just now started to gain some weight back. After having moved to the Netherlands in 2014 (which was a very stressful time in my life),  i started slacking on my healthy habits and started picking up on a few bad ones again. Which led to my current weight gain, i felt unhappy for months and felt like a failure. Up until this august when i decided to stop making excuses for myself and get my health and body back on track.

My current situation

Im currently back  on the fitness treadmill, and am much more educated about how to combine a healthy diet with fitness.  Im starting with small changes to my current diet and kicking the bad ones i picked up these past two years to the curb. How am i doing this you may ask?  First of all i realised that in order to stay and look healthy and in shape, it doesn’t have to be a seasonal weight loss but i have to make “the health thing” a complete lifestyle. Im doing this with the help of my wonderful boyfriend who is a (certified) Bootcamp Instructor and Personal Trainer for bodycorefittness_nl (go follow on IG). He is helping me get back on track and get my body in total shape inside and out (with a little loving on the side :P). The first month was hard because i had to kick off the habits i had once again taken on but everyday is becoming better and i try to stay as motivated as possible by picturing what succes will look like in a year. At the moment my goal is not to look skinny (which it was 6 years ago) but to actually be fit and healthy from the inside out.


From me to you!

If your struggling with your health journey i have a few tips i want to share with you

  • Besides eating and training right try to remain  focused on the positive. Instead of thinking about cutting out foods that are bad for me i picked ones that are good for my health, mind and skin, its easier when you focus on the bonuses your getting instead of what you are missing.
  • Make your splurges count, cookies and chocolate have always been my weakness but i try to make a pact with myself to allow my self one of this treats only once  a weak. When i know that im eventually going to eat a piece of chocolate on Wednesday i crave it less  and it tastes so much better with out the additional guilt.
  • Create new habits, loosing weight doesn’t suddenly  happen over night, but as soon as u start seeing the little results you get the feeling you can achieve anything. I used to rol out of bed and leave just in time to make it for class but now i try every once in a while to wake up 10 minutes earlier to stretch out or do some yoga on Youtube. I love yoga with adrienne she is really amazing and her workouts are relaxing, it gets your energy up yet it calms you down too. This way your more likely  to make healthier choices throughout your day, when you feel stress free and relaxed.

So yea guys this was my (shortened down) weight loss story, i hope this serves as motivation to all of you out there looking for motivation and inspiration to start moving and make healthy changes in your life.

if you need advice, help or fitness inspiration follow bodycorefitness_nl on instagram and feel free to ask any questions you like.


Thanks for reading loves <3



  1. Marsha
    November 24, 2016 / 1:24 pm

    Proud of you…you go girlll 💪💪💪

    • berryniina
      November 24, 2016 / 1:44 pm

      thank you love you

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