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OMG AM GOING NATURAL NOW WHAT DO I DOO ?!?!?! i decide to go natural last February and am still in the midst of trying to find the right products, regime and just grasping the over all thought of being natural.

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HI DOLLS !!! Today we have a spring/summer flexirod tutorial. This is a collaboration with Sue-jeen from Sj’s Obsessions. We are showing you our favourite hair style for this coming season. Hope you enjoy it and please subscribe if you do.

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Knowing what the wardrobe staples for an island vacation are will definitely help you pack faster and more efficiently.  Seeing that we live on an island in the caribbean, we thought this might be the perfect post for us. Summer isn’t over yet so we have some tips for all of the people coming down to the caribbean to have fun in the sun.  Packing can be an overwhelming job, and lets be honest allot of us get to exited when preparing for our vacation. We tend to over pack or sometimes even under pack. There are many wardrobe staples for an island vacation but here are some of our essentials for you.

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THE MOST important item for your island vacation is without a doubt your swimsuit. the whole point of going on an island vacay is to hit the beach. And there’s no beach without a swimsuit, whether your going to swim or not you always have to be prepared. it will look uber cute underneath your wetsuit or your see through cover up.


okay lets get real its, REALLY REALLY hot down here. so your definitely going to need some shade. a beach hat is essential, i love beach hats i think they look fancy and feminine.  they don’t only look cute but trust me they protect your skin from the direct sunlight.


Now if i know someone who adors slippers and flat sandals, its Niina ! but no joke Slippers or flat sandals  are the most appropriate footwear for an island vacation.  if your  at the beach you can choose to go barefoot but trust me the sand Burns sometimes so you will gravitate towards your shoes whether you want to or not.


protecting your eyes is also a definite must and also help top your beach attire.  pick and choose from different frames depending on your taste.


always bring a huge tote bag to the beach so that u can carry all of these essentials. I prefer bringing tote bags to the beach because they’re really basic, and  fuss-free.  we would recommend the light, canvas totes or the plastic/water-proof ones.


Beach wraps are versatile and definitely handy when it comes to an island vacation. Beach wraps can be transformed from a simple towel to a nice beach dress or cover-up. You can go to the beach wearing your wrap then take it off, and lay on it while you sun bathe.


(all photo source and credit: pinterest)

And last but not least ! you cannot hit the beach without sunscreen. the earth’s ozone layer is depleting, so you definitely need to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Sunscreen not only prevents you from gaining wrinkles and premature skin aging, it also reduces facial blotchiness.  So make sure you put on a least an ounce of sunscreen all over your body, 30 minutes before going outdoors.

we hope these seven essentials helps you stay focused when it comes to packing. Please check out our video for visual illustration and feel free to let us know what your staples are for an island vacation !

With SASS (berry and niina) <3